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This week marks the 16 year anniversary of one of the best hip-hop albums ever made – Mobb Deep’s The Infamous. The Infamous played a big part in the soundtrack to my early college (+ dropout) years and is one of those rare records that can still be played front to back, skits included, giving you a near perfect glimpse into a more innocent era where raw creativity was the most critical component and putting out classic records was still the goal. Complex magazine put together an excellent “Making of…” piece on the record, in the same vein as Brian Coleman’s classic Check The Technique (a must read for any real heads).  There are many great stories in the piece including how they managed to get two of New York’s best rappers (Nas & Raekwon) together on “Eye for a Eye” and recorded it in a single day. It also sheds some light on Q-Tip’s surprisingly significant role in giving the record it’s enduring sound. The Infamous always signals a shift in seasons from winter to spring in my mind and playing it this morning it sounded just as good as it did 16 years ago. Classic…

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