Deutschland 83 on the Sundance Channel may end up being my favorite TV series of the year. The writing is extremely smart and pulls off the very rare trick of creating a realistic tone that sends a little wink back to history. It’s essentially a Berlin War era drama but it’s not without moments of outright hilarity. All the period stuff is handled expertly and will spark memories for anyone who was alive at that time. The music selection is excellent, it features a top flight cast and very high production value. It honestly has everything I want in a series and had me thinking about the themes and ideas long after I’d finished watching it. I can’t wait for the next installment which is rumored to move to 1986. Hats off to the Sundance Channel for taking a risk on this type of programming. They’ve proven to be selective and smart with what they choose to put their name on and this as well as Top of the Lake are good examples that their team has a good eye for quality.

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