Few things were more influential in my music listening lifetime than a goofball radio program broadcast from Columba University (98 Tech 9 on your radio dial) that came on deep into the night. Stretch & Bob were a full blown phenomena for any serious hip-hop head in the 90’s. Their show gained mythological status almost immediately and you would do anything in your power to get your hands on a copy on cassette. I remember every time I would visit New York City during that era making a trip to Fat Beats at the beginning and end of my trip to check for new tapes and of course staying up late to record direct from the radio. It was really that essential. I loved their documentary and honestly would have gladly watched another 10 hours or more of this footage. Seeing it at BAM in Brooklyn with a very knowledgeable crowd only made the experience more special. I literally got chills at least 5 times during the doc’s run time and a few moments (including freestyles from a 16 year old Biggie and an unsigned Big Pun) even elicited cheers from the crowd. There are so many classic moments from Nas rhyming pre-Illmatic, to the legendary Big L and Jay-Z session, to the first time most people ever heard Wu-Tang Clan, to O.C. rhyming over a live beat provided by Large Professor and on and on. The documentary itself was done by Stretch & Bob themselves with some helpful hands from friends like Eli Escobar, Omar Acosta and Eric Haze and the finished product is impressive. It’s certainly something I’ll own and look forward to watching again. Hoping they pack the digital release with plenty of treats.


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