Jamie xx’s In Colour is my favorite album of the year and it isn’t even close. It’s increasingly rare as I get older, but every once in awhile a record comes along that’s perfectly in tune with what you want to hear. In Colour is very much of the moment but also has the unmistakable feel of an instant classic that will still sound great many years into the future. I love The xx and from the first time I saw them live considered Jamie their secret weapon. His 2011 single “Far Nearer” was the theme song to my annual playlist and a track I virtually wore into the ground. I know I wasn’t alone in desperately hoping there was more where that came from and when he started releasing singles like “Sleep Sound”, “Girl” and “Under One Roof Raving” last year the anticipation grew that we may finally get what we wanted. After the near perfection of “Loud Places” and its glorious Idris Muhammad sample reached the surface I actually found myself wondering if the LP could possibly live up to the hype. While that track is without question the album’s centerpiece and In Colour also featured two of the three earlier singles, there was still plenty of high quality music to digest. “The Rest Is Noise”, for example, sounds like the result of a young producer in familiar territory beginning to work at the very height of his powers, in full control and pushing the music exactly where he wants it to go. I think the record works remarkably well together and I was happy to buy it on vinyl on the day of its release, something reserved these days almost strictly for Thom Yorke output as long as James Murphy stays retired. The critical reception has been resoundingly positive and in this instance I’m happy to add to the chorus.

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