One of the things I love about music is how your perception of things can change over time similar to our ever-evolving taste buds. At 23 sparkling water was bitter and undrinkable, now it’s something I simply can’t live without. When Massive Attack’s Mezzanine dropped in 1998 it garnered plenty of critical acclaim but I dismissed it for the most part because I wanted another Protection. It felt cold and dark, and wasn’t something I was willing to spend time getting to know. Now seventeen years later it sounds like an expertly produced masterpiece that is perfectly balanced from start to finish. Elizabeth Fraser was an inspired choice as a collaborator and Horace Andy’s voice was always a welcome addition to Massive’s Jamaican tinged production. I added this record to the playlist I use on my daily commute this winter and have been impressed time and again by how good it sounds. Safe to say it sounds better to my ears than anything released in 2015 or 2014 for that matter.

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