Tapies Infinit

Grabbing lunch at their delicious cafe is all the incentive I need to visit the Perez Art Museum Miami but I was very happy to catch their recent retrospective of one of my favorite artists Antoni Tapies. I first discovered Tapies at the foundation in Barcelona dedicated to his work when traveling there in 1999. I responded immediately to the raw energy in his work that incorporates common elements to add depth and texture to each piece. His most famous, and in my opinion best, work is abstract and purposely messy but you can easily detect the skills of a highly trained painter in his use of space, color and texture. This is also art with a social conscious, always more concerned with its place within the streets he walked each day than the pristine walls of an expensive art gallery. Tapies’ aesthetic philosophy is one I share and he’s been an influence on my own writing since my first encounter with his work. Seeing the painting Infinit (pictured above) for the first time only reinforced that feeling.

PAMM Swing

As an added bonus I got to rock my son Jack to sleep on the outdoor swings the museum recently installed. Few things beat escaping a New York winter to relax in a soothing back and forth motion while you’re softly brushed by a tropical breeze and can finally let your busy mind wander. These are an excellent addition to this already beautiful facility.

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