I’ve been very surprised to see the lack of critical love for Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar – my favorite film of the year by a wide margin. There are screenwriters whose efforts I like and admire but feel a sense of familiarity with their work, meaning I understand what it took to get there. That is simply not the case with Christopher Nolan and his brother Jonathan. From Memento straight through to this most recent effort, I am consistently in awe of their brilliant imaginations and attention to narrative detail. To be able to create films this smart that still appeal to a large audience is not only tricky it’s extremely rare and I don’t think they get enough credit for their success in pulling it off time and again. I also admire their worldview. Christopher Nolan is a filmmaker with talent on par with the late great Stanley Kubrick, someone he greatly admires and is frequently compared to, but whereas Kubrick only saw the darkness at the depths of men’s souls Nolan chooses a much more optimistic view of the world without denying any of the corruption, betrayal or selfish motivations that push us. I also love that he chooses to root his films in reality no matter how far he stretches the boundaries of that idea. At the heart of this sci-fi epic about finding a new planet is the eternal connection between a father and his daughter. Simply put I thought the film looked incredible, was perfectly cast and held my attention from the first frame to the last. Interstellar certainly had its flaws but nothing I saw this year came close to it’s visionary ambition or stunning execution. Given all the praise, admiration and hardware that were heaped on Gravity last year I have to admit I’m surprised that this vastly superior film is going largely unrewarded.

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