I’ve been a fan of Caribou since he made bedroom-produced IDM as Manitoba and while I’ve always respected his ability to shape shift into different genres I didn’t always love the result. That changed with 2010’s Swim where he discovered what felt like his own sound for the first time. I loved Swim as a record but also enjoyed hearing those songs come to life when Caribou (as a band) opened up for Radiohead on their last tour. The possibilities hinted at in the way some of those songs were stretched out when played live made me very curious about what he’d do next. With the release of his latest effort Our Love, I was happy to find that for once he hadn’t tried to completely reinvent his sonic formula. It’s a different record than Swim, warmer and more intimate, but still captures some of that earlier magic. Dan Snaith has always been an undeniably talented producer but it’s nice to see him finally funnel that into focus and string together a set of truly great songs.

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