MSDCLPA EC005Like most people I was extremely sad to learn about the death of Robin Williams. The truth is he became such a ubiquitous presence that most of us took him for granted. When I saw he had a new network sitcom last year (The Crazy Ones) I just groaned and ignored it, which seems to have been the general reaction to its existence. But every now and then he’d surprise you like when he turned up on an episode of Louie to give an honest, heartfelt and hilarious performance playing himself. Again, I was part of the large consensus that loved him in movies like Good Morning Vietnam, Dead Poet’s Society and Good Will Hunting. I thought his Oscar for that film was well-deserved and the, “It’s not your fault” scene still chokes me up every time. But I’d have to say my personal favorite Robin Williams movie will always be Club Paradise. It was still an extension of his off the wall comedy routine but he brought a real humanity to the role that gave you a glimpse of why people loved him so much. He seemed to have this deep well of generosity that he was willing to share with the world. There was no question he was one of the good guys and it hurts to see him gone so soon.


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