RHI’ve never bought anything from Restoration Hardware. Their stores are what I imagine the Reject Props Department of Universal Studios Orlando looks like. Yet somehow my wife and I each received a 12 pound bundle of their physical catalogs on our doorstep. At first I thought we must have inexplicably signed up for this at some point along the way since it would be insane to send something like this out unsolicited but now I’ve seen several unopened packs throughout the city and in our own building all slated for the same fate = the recycling bin. This has to be the most misguided, wasteful and outright irresponsible marketing campaign I can remember. In a time where we should all be doing our part to reduce consumption of unnecessary material these assholes decided that their best plan of attack is to randomly send out 12 pound bricks to people who have expressed no interest in their products. Not only is that a toilet flush of time, money and resources it’s also a stupid marketing strategy that will more likely piss people off than give them any incentive to purchase any of their God-awful products. Although to be fair, if you happen to make the mistake of opening up any volume in this encyclopedia of worthless objects it won’t take you long to determine that unless you’re trying to recreate a set from an underfunded Stephen Spielberg movie this stuff is probably not for you. If you have had the misfortune of receiving one of these packs you can request them not to send another one. You can also email them a complaint, which I’m in the process of doing right now.

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