Mo WaxAny self-respecting beat head who came up in the 90’s had to be a fan of the Mo Wax label. They’re most famous for introducing the world to DJ Shadow and this timeless classic but even for part-time crate diggers there was so much more to discover including UNKLE, DJ Krush, Tommy Guerrero, Attica Blues and their legendary Headz compilations to name a few. Like many things from that era, Mo Wax is starting to get the retrospective treatment and some well-deserved credit for the groundbreaking musical tracks they laid. Label head James Lavelle was Benji B’s in studio guest this week for a retrospective that includes a vinyl only set of label classics as well as a very well-informed and insightful interview. Lavelle is also curating London’s prestigious Meltdown festival this year and celebrating the Mo Wax legacy with an exhibition and accompanying book called Urban Archaeology. This was an exciting period of time, pre-internet, where tracking this stuff down was part of the challenge of being a serious music head but it’s also nice to see it becoming readily available digitally now and finding a whole new audience of young listeners.

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