mistaken for strangersSeeing as I have two younger brothers myself and have been a fan of The National from the beginning of their career it’s no big surprise that I loved Mistaken for Strangers. I honestly laughed harder and more often during this movie than any scripted comedy in recent memory. Tom, frontman Matt Berninger’s younger brother, is the lovable loser who goes on tour with the band and fucks up every step of the way. The film is much more about the relationship between two brothers wrestling with different levels of success than it is about the band, however you will feel like you know The National a little better when it’s over. You can’t help but find yourself rooting for Tom to find some success, and with the help of Matt’s wife Carin Besser, he does end up turning some very raw footage into a surprisingly moving and relevant documentary. This one is a classic in my book and well worth checking out whether you’re a fan of The National or not.

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