galvestonLike many others I got hooked on True Detective. It’s 8 episode arc was some of the best television I’d seen since the early seasons of Mad Men and even though the finale offered a measure of closure there was bound to be a void left in its wake and minutes after it was over I already missed it. I read more than I needed to about the show and when I’d exhausted that I turned to writer Nic Pizzolatto’s 2010 novel Galveston. It’s a vivid, engaged piece of writing where the author’s all encompassing insight quickly elevates it above genre cliches. There is no Carcosa, no Yellow King, not even any detectives but there is still a pervasive feeling of darkness and a soft spot for lost souls and broken spirits. There is also that very distinct sense of place that True Detective was so good at establishing. It’s a fairly straight-forward story told from the viewpoint of a washed up tough guy facing a rough transition into middle age. It won’t change your life but if like me, you need just a little more Southern noir or want to see what makes Pizzolatto such a natural screenwriter I would definitely recommend it.

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