Steve Nash is one of those people for me. An athlete, only a year older than I am, that I’ve always admired both on and off the court. I’ll be honest, him being white has something to do with it. He’s a guy I not only related to but secretly wondered if, with a better dribble and more dedication in the gym, I could have been. (Answer, no I could not.) I remember first seeing him lead Santa Clara (who?) on an improbable run during the 1995-96 NCAA tournament. I remember liking him in Dallas as a point guard with a crafty game and a guy I’d want to hang out with. I absolutely loved the Phoenix teams he lead. I thought his back-to-back MVP’s were well deserved and rooted for the Suns in the playoffs every year. I still remember how upset I was when David Stern and the NBA stole their best chance at winning a title in 2007 . I was shocked and saddened that he eventually ended up with the Lakers, especially when he was paired with Dwight Howard. The Lakers had always been his nemesis and a team he visibly enjoyed beating. It didn’t seem right from an outside perspective but pro sports is a business and it’s not hard to imagine Nash wanting to live in Los Angeles as his career winds down. But things haven’t gone according to plan. The Lakers imploded, D12 left for Houston and Nash has struggled with extended health issues for the first time in his career. Bill Simmons, who I have a bit of a love hate relationship with, was approached by Nash about documenting his mission to comeback as a viable NBA player and not just a salary cap number and after watching this first episode and reading Simmons’ column I’m all in on this project. It’s inspiring stuff and a unique insight into a great player staring retirement and inability directly in the face. Obviously I’m rooting for Nash to make a full comeback but even if that never happens hopefully we at least get a little bit more footage of him battling Baron Davis 1-on-1.

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