Worst Album 2013

gatsbyIn years past I’ve made more room for my least favorite records and although there were plenty of worthy contenders including those I expected to like (The Strokes, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Darkside) others I avoided on general principal (Justin fucking Timberlake, MIA, Autre Ne Veut) or just didn’t understand the hype (Savages, Disclosure, Haim, Vampire Weekend) they all paled in comparison to the decadent pile of shit that is The Great Gatsby soundtrack. You’ve got a laundry list of bad decisions here – ill advised cover versions, overproduced tracks meant to mix eras, used and abused Middle American mall hits, not to mention whatever asshole invited Will.I.Am to the party. You’d think enlisting people like Andre 3000, The xx and Jay-Z would lend some credibility to the project and help right the ship but you would be wrong. Jay-Z’s “$100 Bill” was a strong candidate for the worst song he ever recorded and should have served as fair warning for the lazy, borderline embarrassing effort to come on Magna Carter (the title track there being holding down the bottom of the barrel in Hov’s catalog). F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel remains an enduring classic that sees absolutely no justice with this half-hearted, corporate sponsored mess of a soundtrack that also helped sink the Titanic-sized failure of a movie.


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