SEBASTIEN-TELLIER-CONFECTIONI was a fan of Sebastien Tellier long before Sexuality was posted next to the registers at American Apparel. In fact, “La Ritournelle” is probably my favorite song of all time – which is seemingly a ridiculous statement but one that shows just how deeply I love this song. When I saw him play at Le Poisson Rouge in NYC several years back he saved that track for the finale and introduced it by saying simply, “This is the best song I ever wrote.” So when I heard he had reassembled the team of producers and musicians that brought that song to life for his latest album Confection, I was excited to say the least. Although nothing on Confection reaches the soaring heights of “La Ritournelle” it is still a beautifully crafted album of lush orchestral ballads. It’s similar in scope to the soundtrack Tellier did for the movie Narco except without an actual film attached for inspiration. Given the music’s quality and the caliber of its collaborators I was disappointed to see a lazy Pitchfork review today compare it (again) to a 70’s French porno without once mentioning those that worked on the record and failing to grasp its scope or intention. Regardless, Confection is filled with gorgeous compositions and will certainly appear on my year end list.


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