bunk-mcnulty2After reading Brett Martin’s Difficult Men I rewatched Season 1 of The Wire and was happy to find that it still stands up as one of the best season’s of television ever created. The show was filled with legendary characters but none greater than the team of Bunk and McNulty. Honestly, I would watch a show dedicated just to them. The episode where The Bunk picks up a lady friend at the bar only to have McNulty receive a late night call to come pick him up when he decides to burn up his clothes because of “trace evidence” (they smelled like “pussy” he tells Jimmy while sitting on the toilet smoking a cigar in a pink bathrobe) has to be one of the funniest scenes ever seen in a dramatic series. The writing on that first season is ground-breaking and razor sharp. Despite some of the ups and downs that came with later seasons it remains a testament to what happens when a group of talented people, many of whom had never gotten a chance like this before and some who never would again, work together on something brand new with no guarantee of success. Reading the stories of what went on behind the scenes it’s clear that making the show happen wasn’t easy but it’s work that everyone involved should be proud of.

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