DinerDiner in South Williamsburg had long been on the must-visit list for my wife and I so for our second wedding anniversary we finally made it happen. Given the praise from personal heroes Anthony Bourdain and James Murphy (LCD Soundsystem), guys not exactly known for throwing around compliments, my expectations were high. Even on a Monday night at 7PM the place was busy, by the time we left it was packed. When you arrive at Diner you don’t get a menu, you order a drink and wait for your waiter to sit down and tell you the night’s menu. It changes literally every day. We’re veterans of Brooklyn dining so are used to the paper menu but this was the first time I’d seen the verbal approach. It’s not a place I would recommend to my parents as that would likely fluster them enough to ruin their entire meal. In the end that was just a small detail of what was a very good meal. My favorite appetizer was an heirloom tomato salad that was served with herbs and crunchy anchovies. My entree was short ribs served with shiseido peppers, fingerling potatoes and a yogurt dressing – delicious. We closed out with a no-flour chocolate cake that was dense but had incredible flavor. The experience wasn’t cheap but it’s one we’re unlikely to forget. My only real complaint is that due to the size and layout of the space using the bathroom there is like being a part of a moving puzzle. Apart from that, everything was great. I actually enjoyed it more than my one trip to their other restaurant Marlow & Sons.

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