trainspottingI’m about 20 years late to this party but I used my recent trip to the UK to finally tackle Trainspotting. It took a chapter or two to get used to the writing style (purposely written to match Scottish accents and slang) but once I did I was hooked. I’ve seen the film several times and its episodic narrative style is one of the biggest influences on the script I’m writing now. That said, the book easily stands alone as a truly original piece of modern literature. The characters jump to life and the some of the stories are simply unforgettable. On the surface it’s a book about a crew of fuck ups but due to the unfiltered honesty of the writing it ends up being something much deeper than that, addressing issues many of us grapple with us in our 20’s – substance use and abuse, sex, friendship, ambition and the limits of a small town. It exists along that thin, buzzing line of reality and fiction capturing life very much as it is but with an editor’s eye for the essential. I couldn’t wait to get back to it each night and was a bit sad when I got to the end. There’s little doubt that I’ll seek out Porn and Skagboys and hold out hope that Danny Boyle is able to pull off a screen reunion with the original cast.


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