man-with-the-movie-cameraThis weekend as I was finishing my ballot for the Muriel’s Hall of Fame (which will start posting on July 8) I was reminded of the indisputable classic Man with a Movie Camera. I had read about it and even seen clips in film school but it wasn’t until Jason Swincoe’s Cinematic Orchestra project created an unofficial soundtrack for it that I really became curious. One of the many personal highlights I’ve had while living in New York was seeing Swincoe and an assembled orchestra perform the music in synch with the film at a space near the World Trade Center. It was like a film & music nerd’s dream come true and something I’ll certainly never forget. Best yet, the event was free! I listened to my vinyl copy of the album this weekend and it brought back a flood of memories. Ninja Tune was always one of my favorite electronic music labels and in fact there was a time when just about anything they released I bought. Although I enjoy the convenience of digital music there are times I miss hitting the record store in search of that latest release. It also made me regret with all the demands of being an adult, how little time there is to actually sit down and watch a film that requires serious concentration. Somehow when you’re younger you just make time. Either way, it’s always nice to wander back and reexamine some of the foundation pieces in your cultural education even if only for a few minutes.

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