DPSBCI’m happy to see this slept-on classic get some retroactive love. I remember at the time of Blowout Comb‘s release there were people who ignored it because they couldn’t get over the ubiquitous “Cool Like Dat” or were just fed up with all the jazz rap acts that popped up after US3’s “Cantaloop” went global. That was a mistake that few real heads made as this was a more mature effort both musically and lyrically. It was a fully-formed LP that worked best as a whole and soundtracked many a walk through campus in my early college days at UFlorida where I was always strapped with my Sony Studio Monitors. I remember at the time imagining Brooklyn as this mythical place filled with impossibly cool people who spent their days hanging out at block parties, playing basketball and digging for records. I have a slightly different impression after being a borough resident for the last 5 years haha… I originally owned this on CD so I look forward to adding this plush reissue to my vinyl library in the near future.


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