boards-of-canada_tomorrows-harvest-608x608Boards of Canada are one of those projects that I connected with immediately. I still remember the first time I heard Music Has the Right to Children and everything they’ve released after that has been a Day 1 event for me. We’ve waited almost 7 years for Tomorrow’s Harvest and I’m happy to report it’s more of their often imitated, seldom duplicated trademark sound. What did you expect, guest vocals from Pharrell? Scottish brothers Mike Sandison and Marcus Eoin are notoriously elusive and this email interview with The New York Times is their only press for the album thus far. Even though this is technically new music there is a timeless quality that can give the impression that they’ve simply uncovered a vault of lost tapes full of Polaroid tinted memories but reading about their process you learn there’s quite a bit of labor involved even on the tracks that measure out at less than a minute. I’m still trying to wrap my head around the album as a whole and admit I haven’t found time to sit down and give it a devoted headphones spin yet but there’s always something exciting about having new Boards of Canada material in your possession. I wiill definitely be purchasing this on vinyl as among my biggest regrets as a music nerd is choosing to buy the earlier LP’s on CD instead of wax.


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