DJ-taldeDale Talde was one of my favorite contestants on Top Chef and I’ve been meaning to try his Park Slope restaurant Talde since it opened over a year ago. I finally got the chance on Saturday, and it proved to be well worth the wait. The restaurant environment is kept casual but there was nothing ordinary about the food. Even the BBQ Negroni’s we tried while waiting for a table were a unique, smoky take on the original. I went with my wife and another couple – our close friends who had been there before. We ordered a four person feast and I loved just about everything that came out but some of  the highlights included the pretzel pork dumplings, yuzu guacamole served on crispy rice, the Korean fried chicken and my personal favorite a crispy oyster and bacon Pad Thai. Our server was informative and efficient and Chef Talde, who was expediting all night, was very cool and humble (as opposed to what you might expect given his TV reputation) when I stopped to speak to him. In New York you get spoiled having so many great restaurants to choose from but the truly original and absolutely delicious food at Talde is one of the few things that would pull me from Williamsburg over to Park Slope. I left impressed and completely satisfied with every intention of going back again.

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