St AnselmAt this point Brooklyn’s St. Anselm is no secret. After being named by Alan Richman as one of GQ’s 12 Best New Restaurants (in America, not just New York) and several glowing reviews in New York Magazine and The New York Times  it’s nearly impossible to get a table there. The last time we tried was on a Saturday, and I knew the chances were slim to none but had to laugh when the host working off an iPad told the woman in front of me that a table for four could take just as many hours. When I told him I lived within walking distance he suggested I come on a Tuesday before 7. That’s what we did last night and got a seat at the bar. As it was our first visit we went for the standards: butcher steak, pork chop, fried mashed potatoes with truffle oil, long beans and an amazing black crab/mackerel/artichoke dip served with flatbread that was on special. This was all paired with some gorgeous red wine poured straight from a barrel.  The steak was one of the best I’ve ever had and it would be difficult for me to go there again and order anything different as a main course. The bartender was easy to get along with and extremely knowledgeable about both the wine and food and didn’t mind answering questions he’s likely gotten a couple hundred times. The entire meal was fantastic and St. Anselm easily lived up to the hype – something that happens so rarely these days. I can’t wait to go back.

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