gilles-petersonIn preparation for hosting my first radio show (why it’s taken me so long to do something like this is anyone’s guess) I’ve been revisiting the long-running BBC Radio 1 shows of two of my favorite hosts – Gilles Peterson and Benji B. Gilles’ classic show balances on his warm approach with guests and his legendary music knowledge backed by very deep crates. Many of his shows are vinyl only affairs pulled from his notorious stash at the Brownswood Basement. He also regularly hosts both well-established as well as up and coming artists for sessions at the BBC’s Madia Vale studio. I’ve learned countless lessons in jazz, bossa nova, soul and electronic music following Gilles’ lead. I even got a chance to sit down with him several years ago when he was in New York to promote a compilation of his live sessions and had a cool, memorable conversation on all aspects of music. Benji B is a certified beat head and the quintessential selector. His show has consistently been the closest reflection of my own musical tastes and interests even as it’s subtly evolved over the years. Benji has built up strong connections with the people whose music he plays and loves and you can always count on him to drop a few exclusive gems on his weekly show. His style on the mic is clean, simple and to the point – an approach I admire. Both Gilles and Benji have an undying curiosity for new music and have broken several artists that have gone on to enjoy top shelf success – James Blake, Sebastien Tellier and Flying Lotus to name just a few. If you’ve never heard either of these names do yourself a favor and catch up, their shows are available for online playback every week.

Benji B

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