three imaginary boysMy wife tracked down a pink vinyl copy of The Cure’s debut album Three Imaginary Boys (released in the US as Boys Don’t Cry) and I was shocked by how few of these songs I knew. I mean “Fire in Cairo”? That’s a first listen classic that I’d never heard. That put me on a hunt for a digital version and I discovered that Rhino had tastefully reissued all the early albums with upgraded sound and bonus discs full of live and studio versions, even some unreleased tracks. These records were in desperate need of enhanced mastering and they sound great. If, like me, you only know the highlights from Staring at the Sea I’d definitely recommend delving into this material because there are all kinds of gems to be found. I personally love this cover but apparently Robert Smith hated it and made sure he had creative control over all aspects of their releases after this came out. I’m not sure that worked out for the better but I guess he deserved to have final cut on the aesthetic of a band he put so much into.


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