Stretch & BobIt’s hard to believe that we are now celebrating the 20 year anniversary of the greatest radio show of all time. Any real hip-hop head knows Stretch & Bobbito’s resume and likely either bought, traded or made their own tapes of the infamous late Thursday night broadacsts on Columbia’s 89.9. Not only were the guys hilarious (shout to unofficial co-host Lord Sear aka Stak Chedda) but they always had exclusives galore and of course the freestyle sessions that introduced the world to the likes of Nas, BIG and Mobb Deep. Those sessions were legendary and when you hear old heads like myself waxing poetic about “real hip-hop” that’s exactly what we’re talking about. Little known fact = they are the inventors of the “pause” slang trend you hear everyone using these days, except nobody can do it as well as Stretch. Stretch Boogie & Kool Bob Love are getting some well earned props this week with a sold out talk at the New Museum on Friday hosted by Ego Trip’s Sacha Jenkins as part of their NYC 1993 exhibit. The duo are also taking over the airwaves of 89 Tech 9 tonight from 1AM – 5AM so call in sick to work and get your tape decks ready.


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