m-b-v-Like the rest of the world, my ears have been focused on the unexpected return from a 22 year absence of My Bloody Valentine. The new record M B V is almost exactly what you would expect and for once there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. MBV were a band that was always in my peripheral vision so to speak. I knew of them and about them but I never spent much time with their music. The soundtrack for Sofia Coppola’s Lost in Translation changed that, sending  me quickly in search of anything Kevin Shields related. Sadly nothing matched the gorgeous perfection of “Sometimes” set to an early AM cab ride through Tokyo but I was thankful for my long overdue education. I’m still settling in with the new album, not ready to crown it a classic, but confident it will only get better given a chance to fully sink in. It definitely seems like a record worth investing some time in.


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