PerfectSensePerfect Sense is a movie that seemed to come and go largely unnoticed. Scottish director David Mackenzie, whose 2003 film Young Adam also starred  Ewan McGregor, finds a unique way to frame a global epidemic that sees the world’s population gradually losing its senses. Now this sounds like a nightmare, and it is, but by casting two attractive leads that seem to have genuine chemistry and telling the story through them the film finds  some unexpected revelations and life-affirming moments in their reactions. The photography is gorgeous and while the central story is kept local you can feel the global echoes as an unthinkable set of circumstances unfolds. Ewan McGregor is one of my favorite actors and any chance to see him tackle quality material over say Jack the Giant Slayer is a ride I’m willing to take. He and Eva Green are excellent, showing real talent and carrying the film with a reckless celebration of life despite the dark inevitability of the central plot. It’s too bad performances like these get ignored in favor of flashier fare or dead celebrity impersonations.

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