LooperRian Johnson’s Brick was my favorite film when I was at Sundance in 2006. I saw his third feature Looper recently and was again impressed with both his imagination and talent as a screenwriter. While I’m not usually a fan of science-fiction I always admire when someone is able to do it well. Looper takes a good idea and fleshes it out with a fast paced script and solid story development. Joseph Gordon-Levitt continues to prove he’s one of his generations best actors and I was reminded that Bruce Willis can be decent when given good material to work from. I’m not really sure why this film got treated as some kind of indie throwaway and didn’t crossover to a larger audience but either way I enjoyed it quite a bit. Related, Rian Johnson was asked to put together a Top 10 for Criterion that provides some interesting clues to his influences as a writer and filmmaker.

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