Film Title: This Is 40I honestly can’t remember the last time I laughed this much sitting in a movie theater. This Is 40 certainly has its flaws  but it confirms Judd Apatow’s talents as a writer and was a brave attempt at finding comedy in very real, every day situations. Trust me it’s alot harder than it looks. The core cast is excellent and apart from Albert Brooks, I enjoyed all of the supporting actors and guest spots. (The Melissa McCarthy blooper real that airs with the credits is well worth sticking around for = insane but so funny) I’ve seen critics beating it up for being messy but that’s kind of the point. My favorite writers have always been ones that recognize the absurdity of life but still believe it’s something worth celebrating and fighting for. Strangely enough This Is 40 ended up inspiring me both as a writer and as a person, that’s partly a result of it hitting so close to home and where I am in my life right now but also because Apatow’s unfiltered honesty has become funny enough to avoid having to resort to chest waxing gags.


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