christoph-waltz-jamie-foxx-django-unchainedThe Good: The casting on this film really couldn’t have been better. Christoph Waltz and Jamie Foxx not only work well together but it’s hard to imagine anyone else pulling these parts off as well as they do. For once Leo DiCaprio’s overacting works to his advantage as he delivers a hilarious, caricatured performance. Tarantino’s ear for dialogue and ability to create prolonged dramatic tension with very rewarding payoffs are all on wicked display here.

The Bad: The clear low point of the film comes the minute QT’s bloated face (and oversized ego) shows up on the screen barking at the camera in a terrible Australian accent. It’s a distraction that breaks the mood of the film and one that the audience in our theater greeted with a collective groan. I know Django isn’t big on historical accuracy but what is the likelihood of any Australians being in Mississippi in the 1870’s?

The Ugly: Samuel L. Jackson’s demented portrayal of an evil Uncle Tom is so good that it’s almost hard to watch.


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