Gustaf WorstWe loved Berlin. It was cool, casual, easy to navigate with so many interesting things going on. But while we’re on the subject of worst, German food = “that’s that shit I don’t like” (c) Chief Keef. I was immediately opposed to the pervasive habit of covering everything, including sushi, with copious amounts of mayonnaise. I also tried to be a little too adventurous in the beginning and ended up with several plates I just couldn’t eat. All week long, in every guide book I read they talked about curryworst. Now being a regular at Radegast for several years now I’m no stranger to German sausages (pause) and combining that with a spicy curry sauce sounded like it would be something right up my alley. It turned out that the most official vendor was right underneath the train stop in our Prenzlauer-Berg neighborhood so on our last day there I ventured out to try this German delicacy. You can take one glance at the photo above to imagine my disappointment after discovering that curryworst is essentially a hot dog slathered in ketchup with a little curry powder sprinkled on top. Needless to say I wasn’t happy. That’s probably the same face I was making about three songs into the Light Asylum set. Chips posted that on Facebook and got an onslaught of “likes” so I guess either people just like to see me mad or it’s payback for all the shit I give everyone else. Some friendly travel advice when in Germany = stick to Asian food. It’s a whole lot safer.


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