As soon as the weather takes a turn towards the cold I become an absolute fiend for Japanese noodles so I was very excited to try the newly opened Yebisu Ramen on N 6th Street in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Yebisu had already been building buzz with their Smorgasburg stall and plenty of early positive press and I can say without hesitation that I was not disappointed. The menu, like the aesthetic, is kept very simple and focuses on their specialty – delicious, perfectly made ramen. It doesn’t hurt that all the chefs and staff are Japanese and walking in feels like an instant transport to Tokyo (that is if you can block out the beards and flannels sported by your fellow diners). I started with the standard Miso Ramen on my first trip, which is typically a good measuring stick for the shop’s standards and it was excellent. I added a soft boiled egg and their home made hot sauce, both of which I think will be mandatory on future visits. The service is quick and casual and I was able to down two ice cold draft Sapporo’s while I finished my soup. Yebisu has a unique and refreshing style and though the prices are a little higher than you might expect the quality justifies the cost. I went with a fellow ramen connoisseur on his third visit who absolutely loves this place. I’ve been a longtime fan of Rai Rai Ken on E 10th Street in Manhattan but Yebisu is quickly giving them a run for their money and being so conveniently located I’m sure to be a repeat customer. Can’t wait to try the seafood broth next time.

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