My wife convinced me to watch Backbeat this weekend. I’m surprised I didn’t catch this back in the 90’s as the presence of Sheryl Lee aka Laura Palmer alone seems like it would have put this on my must-see list. It’s an easy to like movie that focuses on The Beatles early period in Hamburg, Germany and specifically on the love affair between Stuart Sutcliffe and photographer Astrid Kirchherr. One noticeable flaw in the film is the absence of any actual Beatles songs, which I can only assume had to do with avoiding having to pay the hefty licensing fees. We got a funny surprise when the credits rolled discovering that the band that had actually played the songs was made up of 90’s alternative rock gods Dave Pirner, Greg Dulli, Thurston Moore, Mike Mills, Dave Grohl and even Henry Rollins. Sutcliffe’s story is tragic and one I wasn’t familiar with until recently and I thought a young Stephen Dorff did an admirable job bringing him to life.

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