In a year filled with one disappointing, mediocre release after another it’s always reassuring when something completely unexpected comes out and grabs your ears. I liked some of the individual tracks (particularly “Deserter”) on Matthew Dear’s Asa Breed quite a bit but he’s always been an artist I’ve wanted to like (or felt I should like) more than I ever actually did. But something about Beams has really clicked with me. It’s original and weird in the best possible way. You can hear his influences bubbling up in each track but he manages to put his own bizarre twist on all of them. This record is also not quite as dark as his previous effort Black City, in fact many of these songs are alot of fun and wouldn’t be out of place on a dance floor. I think the fact that 99% of his records are just him is actually a positive. Sometimes you get the most unique point of views from a singular vision. It often works that way in film, and Beams would have likely suffered from any kind of song-by-committee approach. This is another excellent release for Ghostly and certain to be on my year end Top 10. I simply can’t stop listening to it.

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