I’m a sucker for lists. I guess it’s just the way my mind works. Once I get started I become obsessed with getting my rankings exactly right. Pitchfork’s The People’s List was no different and particularly hard given how much there was to choose from. Predictably my #1 and 2 spots were held down by Radiohead’s In Rainbows and Kid A. Those two were the easiest choices I made, everything else got moved and shifted around a couple dozen times. Just about every record near the top of my list can be played front to back, with very little interruption, and they’ve all held up very well over time. It was hard for me to weigh personal impact versus longevity. Basically, I had trouble putting a value on records that floored me when they came out but I may not be in love with any more. Kanye’s records in particular packed a big punch on release but just don’t sound as relevant separated by time. If given more time I’d probably still be fooling around with this thing a month from now but I’m satisfied with where it stands. I’d love to see what other people’s lists look like.

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