I absolutely loved this documentary about famed Sushi Master Jiro Ono and his 10 seat, reservation only restaurant in a Tokyo subway station that earned a 3 star Michelin rating. Jiro is 85 years young and still works in the restaurant nearly every day of the year, often from very early in the morning until late at night. He could retire today with a legacy that would be difficult to match but he loves what he does and can’t imagine a life without working hard to continue mastering his craft. It’s an inspiring, beautifully constructed film that focuses on Jiro’s quest for sushi perfection but also delves into the shadow his status casts on his two sons who are also sushi chefs. One works with him daily and runs the bulk of the operations at his restaurant while his other son runs his own sushi restaurant with similar standards but a more relaxed feel. Anyone that loves Japanese food or culture should watch this film but be warned that you are only going to want to eat top quality sushi for the next month of your life after viewing it.


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