Like many fans of Breaking Bad, it took awhile for me to warm up to Aaron Paul’s character on the show – the ultra-annoying, raver/wigger combo that is Jesse Pinkman. However the show has only continued to get better and Jesse’s character has played an integral part, showing a surprising amount of depth and development over the past few seasons. Once everyone realized that Aaron Paul doesn’t actually dress and talk like Jesse Pinkman in real life there was a newfound respect for his acting chops (he even won an Emmy) and these days he can be found in pause-tastic poses for GQ features.  However he wasn’t always flying high and leave it to the internet to unearth a certified gem like this pre-fame apperance on The Price Is Right. Ironically if I was show creator Vince Gilligan this would have been the only screen test I needed to cast him as Pinkman. Excuse the pun, but this is priceless…

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  1. Leia says:

    Dude has CRAZY ups when they call him down.

    Also: wtf is his tie/suspender/belt(?) doing down his unbuttoned pants in that GQ photo? Super pause.

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