There’s a great interview up on Pitchfork today with one of my favorite comedians/people Aziz Ansari. Not only is Aziz hilarious and one of the best people I follow on Twitter he’s also a cool guy plugged into alot of the same things I am. I never thought I’d watch a network sit-com but his ridiculous character Tom Haveford (shout to Entertainment 720!)  slowly reeled me into giving Parks & Recreation a chance. Aziz is famous now. Usually that means you quickly start to suck (see Galifiankis, Zach) but he’s managed to stay grounded and use his fame to give him better access to the things he likes. This interview shows that he’s a thoughtful guy whose life isn’t just jokes  about rappers, his cousin and PF Changs. Although the fake account he created for @TheREALPFChangs was still one of the funniest things Twitter’s ever been used for.


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