I like Mark Duplass. He’s a decent actor, one of my favorite characters on The League and seems like a guy I wouldn’t mind having a beer with. But here’s a quick movie guide PSA: DO NOT WATCH THIS MOVIE!!! I was suspicious (with good reason as it turns out) of this movie from the beginning. For one, I hated Humpday and The Puffy Chair and if there is one type of festival circuit trend I hate above all others it has to be the feel-good indie filled with a cast of recognizable Hollywood actors. The most obvious examples being crap like Little Miss Sunshine and The Kids Are Allright. I don’t find them believable and I usually end up moaning and groaning through all the life lessons they try to teach the audience. Unfortunately Jeff, Who Lives At Home makes those filmslook like cinematic masterpieces. It’s easily one of the worst scripts I’ve ever seen put to screen and features performances that would seem hacky on a network tv sitcom (which shouldn’t be surprising given the day jobs of the two male leads). I could go into all of the specific reasons I hated this movie but if you trust my opinion at all do yourself a favor and steer well clear of this piece of garbage. There is one and ONLY one good thing associated with this movie and that is the Beck track “Looking For A Sign” that serves as the film’s theme song. Other than that I can’t think of a single positive thing to say about it.


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