Had a crazy, classic New York City day with my wife on Saturday. We woke up and went to the record sale at Smorgasburg in Williamsburg where some super serious record nerds had already boxed out space around most of the bargain bins. We did manage to grab some gems from local labels like Domino where I came up on the excellent new Patrick Watson album and a reissue of Four Tet’s classic Pause. Then we hopped a cab and headed for The Great Googa Mooga which frankly on Saturday was a total shit show. We didn’t stay long but I was back again on Sunday and the festival made a nice recovery (article and photos will be posting on MINISpace later this week). We stopped off for a drink at Bar Tabac, one of my favorite spots on that side of Brooklyn. Then my friend Patrick who works at the Supra store in Soho reminded me on Twitter that they were hosting a demo by Fool’s Gold artist and Blue Chips producer Party Supplies so we popped over there just in time to catch him banging out some MPC wizardry. We had some time to kill so we ended up at the Mondrian in Soho where I enjoyed a Don Julio rocks before heading to some ICFF parties on Greene Street. We sipped champagne, ate finger foods, lusted after expensive furniture and laughed at the fashion inadequacies of rich people in some gorgeous showrooms before cabbing it back to Bushwick. It was a long day but also a good reminder of exactly why we all put up with so much bullshit in order to live here.

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