5-10-15-20 is consistently one of my favorite Pitchfork features and Jonny Marr’s has to be one of the best yet. I became a life-long fan of The Smiths from the instant I heard them. It was a life-changing experience for me similar to what he describes when discovering  T. Rex. But as a kid it was all about the cult of Morrissey – his voice, lyrics and outrageously quotable persona. It was only later that I learned to truly appreciate the work that Jonny Marr and bassist Andy Rourke contributed to one of the most perfect pop bands of all time. If you need any further evidence for this argument just listen to any Morrissey record after Viva Hate and try to find anything that would have made the cut during The Smiths era. You’d be lucky to come up with 10. I love how in this piece Marr makes you see how completely intertwined life and music are for him. For those of us blessed/cursed to be constantly searching for new releases and back catalogs alike for the perfect song, record or sound his reflections make perfect sense. It also proves that when you’re this talented and cool even your mistakes are at least interesting.

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