I got the opportunity to visit the amazing MASS MoCA museum in North Adams, Massachussets over the weekend with my wife. The museum is made up of a huge, repurposed factory (19 galleries and over 100,000 square feet) with several original building details left in place giving both the interior and exterior spaces some hard-earned character. I would have gone just to see the buildings themselves but we were also drawn there by the chance to see the Sol Lewitt Wall Drawing Retrospective which easily ranks as one of the best single-artist installations I’ve ever seen. Lewitt is an artist I’ve long admired but to see such a broad spectrum of his work brought to life in such a vibrant and inventive way made for a particularly memorable experience. Lewitt died in 2007 but his focus was always on idea and execution and much less on “the master’s hand” as he put it. So these pieces are all recreations of his designs and ideas from blueprints he left as a legacy by modern artists fortunate enough to be chosen to work on the project. Because of MASS MoCA’s unique luxury of space this retrospective was installed in 2008 and will run through 2033 so if you love art or find yourself in that area by chance (unlikely but ok) I would highly recommend checking this out.

More pics of Sol Lewitt’s work and MASS MoCA itself after the jump:

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  1. Fast Action says:

    […] piece on MASS MoCA went up at MINISpace today. I posted about this when Jenny and I visited earlier this year. It’s a very unique space and the Sol […]

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