I couldn’t be more excited that my favorite show of all time is back in business. Watching last night’s episode while honing my bartending skills with a combo of Manhattans and Old Fashioneds was pure pleasure. Catching up with the cast after such a long break felt like seeing friends from another city you haven’t visited in forever. Roger Sterling’s killer one-liners, Pete Campbell’s awful jacket, Harry Crane’s constant failure – I missed all of them. The show is still all about Don but I think it’s safe to say we won’t hear too much complaining about the absence of Betty Francis when we have Megan Draper to enjoy.

I was also very happy to come in this morning and find two of my favorite writers Chuck Klosterman and Logan Hill talking about the show. Logan Hill used to do the episode recaps at New York Magazine’s Vulture page and I thought he provided some of the best commentary on the show and a great sounding board for some surprisingly intelligent commenters. It looks like he’ll continue writing about the show at GQ and Vulture drafted Matthew Zoller Seitz from Salon to continue their own recaps. Rest assured I’ll be reading them all because that’s the kind of Mad Men addict I am.

Episode 1 highlight (one of many) Roger: Why don’t you sing to me like that? Jane: Why don’t you look like him?

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