Every year there’s at least one movie that I skip based on a false impression that I later wish I’d seen in the theater. This year’s first contender is Martin Scorsese’s Hugo. I mistakenly thought it was just a kids movie about a lonely boy and his robot but it turned out to be much richer than that. The story is much more concerned with imagination and the inspiration people find in creating and enjoying art – in this case Scorsese’s first love cinema. The performances are perfectly caricatured, especially the brilliant Sacha Baron Cohen as the Station Inspector, and it is also one of the most successful and seamless combinations of live action and CGI that I’ve seen yet. Alot of the credit for that should point directly to the beautiful work of master cinematographer Robert Richardson and his ability to translate Scorsese’s grand vision. It’s nice to see Scorsese spread his wings a bit without the burden of a heavy script or another questionable Leonardo Dicaprio performance and for any one that loves movies this is a pure pleasure to watch.

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