I can’t wait to visit the latest venture from David Chang and my favorite mad scientist Dave Arnold called Booker & Dax which will be opening in the back of the Momofuku Ssam Bar this week. This quote from an NY Times Diner’s Journal piece can’t possibly do Arnold’s rapid-fire charm justice but does give you an idea of what he’s aiming for,

“For the last seven years at the French Culinary Institute, I’ve been trying to show you can use new technologies without being terribly wacky,” Mr. Arnold said. “I don’t think we should be in a business of pushing outside people’s comfort zones here. I’m more interested in slam-dunk delicious.” He added, “I want you to feel happy to be here. I don’t want you to feel like a lab rat we’re testing on.”

I got a chance to meet Dave last year through his Museum of Food and Drink fundraiser, an outrageously ambitious event that matched his shoot-for-the-moon vision (long story short: The Met for food and drink). I’ve done interviews with artists, filmmakers and musicians but nothing could have prepared me for the frenetic energy and boundless enthusiasm that Dave Arnold possesses. His reinvention of the traditional cocktail is something you truly have to try to believe I just don’t know how many $14 drinks I’ll be able to afford. Maybe one a week…

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