I finally got a chance to eat at David Chang’s infamous Momofuku Ko last night. If you’re unfamiliar with the restaurant’s concept it is a tiny 12 seat, reservation only dining room where they serve an 8 course tasting menu. The reservations are notoriously hard to get (online only) and I had purchased an Xmas gift card for my wife in hopes of scoring us a table. By chance we were able to grab two seats on my birthday which turned our trip there into much more of a gift for me (sorry Jenny!). This was easily one of the most unique dining experiences I’ve ever had and one I enjoyed from start to finish. The staff are warm and knowledgable while giving you room to enjoy as much privacy as such a small space allows. Each course is guaranteed to be something you’ve never tasted before, with even somewhat standard menu items given a culinary twist. Then there are items like sea urchin soup and a soft-boiled egg served with caviar and toasted potato chips = Wow! I paired my meal with sake (selected by their sommelier) and Jenny chose wine. Both were excellent. Sitting literally on top of the chefs as they prepare each course you get a rare chance to see your food come to life. They also played great music while we were there; classic reggae mixing with golden era hip-hop (BIG, Nas, Gangstarr) and favorites by Radiohead and The Strokes standing out in my memory.  It’s certainly not cheap but if you care about food it’s an experience you will never forget and in my opinion well worth treating yo self.

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