Other than an opening credit sequence that could have subbed as a pre-2000 NIN music video, I was very impressed with Fincher’s take on this now iconic series opener. Fans of the book are going to be very satisfied with this interpretation as it takes much more time developing both the characters and the story. This film is an upgrade over the Swedish version in every possible sense; writing, casting, directing, performances, production value, etc. Daniel Craig is the perfect Blomkvist and Rooney Mara has to be my Best Actress frontrunner even if there is no chance Lisbeth Salander makes any awards speeches. I think this is the perfect marriage of director and material. Fincher’s dark streak brings to light just how sinister many of these plotlines are and leaning on his eye for detail and razor sharp instinct for storytelling he’s created one of the best adaptations from novel-to-film I’ve ever seen.

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