10 Worst Albums of 2011

While I try to keep this blog positive for the most part there is no denying that for all the things I love there are an equal (if not greater) amount of things that I hate. And the bottom line (sad truth?) is sometimes that’s what the people want as my 10 Worst list from last year was easily one of my most popular posts. For this list I kept it to things that I either had higher expectations for or that I simply couldn’t ignore. I sort through so much music I simply don’t have time to waste on things I know I’m not going to like. I also tried to keep things balanced including missteps from artists I actually like or even revere. Although my #1 should surprise no one… I used the 140 character limit of Twitter to keep the reviews short and “cold-blooooooded” (c) Rick James. Comments are welcome as always.

Worst Albums 2011:

  1. Kreayshawn – Gucci, Gucci 1 song was enough to certify it doesn’t get any worse than this annoying, disposable, no-talent garbage #10Worst
  2. Lou Reed & Metallica – Lulu Did I actually listen to this record? No. Do I need to explain why it’s on this list? Didn’t think so. #10Worst
  3. Stephen Malkmus – Mirror Traffic Winner of the It’s A Wrap award. Beck’s production couldn’t help indie rock grandpa’s whiny lyrics #10Worst
  4. Big Sean – This year’s Kid Cudi award winner for most generic, no skills rapper with lucky dope production. This is GOOD Music? #10Worst
  5. Gauntlet Hair+Sleep Over+Pure X+Peaking Lights+Puro Instinct+Young Galaxy = Winners of the overhyped blog band with bad names award #10Worst
  6. Holy Ghost! – Cut Copy’s Zonoscope lowered the bar for dance pop but HG’s sugary radio rave was so bad not even a DFA cosign helped #10Worst
  7. PJ Harvey – Let England Shake Just what everyone needed to cheer them up this year = a theme record about war #fuckingdepressing #10Worst
  8. St. Vincent – Strange Mercy Still a fan but one too many inexplicable mid-song instrumental freak outs drove this LP onto the list #10Worst
  9. Toro y Moi – Freaking Out Big fan of Chaz & Co’s Underneath the Pine. Can’t say the same for his coming out (?) party as disco diva #10Worst
  10. Radiohead – TKOL Remixes With the exception of Four Tet & Jamie xx I could have skipped all these wonky, drone-y, headache inducers #10Worst

*BONUS* Mad Decent – The American Apparel of record labels continued to put out questionable releases with Canal St cheap production value #10Worst

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One thought on “10 Worst Albums of 2011

  1. Tayo says:

    Aw, really? You didn’t like “Let England Shake”? I thought that album was fantastic. In my opinion, it was a much-needed injection of reality about what is really fucking going on in the world. The lack of sunshine and rainbows within the lyrics (juxtaposed against rather upbeat melodies) is what makes it so potent I think. I also really enjoyed St. Vincent’s album. What really depresses me are songs like “Gucci Gucci”.

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